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Aggressive Zen: 
combining fierce
with inner calm to get things done.


Advising clients in thoughtful initiatives

Aggressive Zen approaches marketing strategies by studying your current brand and programming, then discovering opportunities through customer insights, research, and deep dives into analytics. This insures an approach grounded in a strong foundation. Next, we translate that data into visual storytelling and create initiatives that increase sales, improve retention rates, and engage new followers. In short, Aggressive Zen helps your company, organization, product, or event reach all of  its potential.

Aggressive Zen uses a flexible approach to staffing. We staffs each project with exactly the appropriate talent for the specific needs. This allows us to remain lean, efficient and focused. 

Marketing Strategy  Writing 
 Project Management 

 Content Creation   Social Media

 Events Presentations Public Relations 

 Fundraising Research

Abstract Paint

Owner: Marta Stefaniuk 

Marta is an innovative Marketing and Communication Strategist, Project Manager, and Event Producer, with over 20  years of experience in building and leading high-performing initiatives. She grows business, improves retention rates, makes engaging social media/content, plans memorable events, and is skilled in hiring and running teams for and project. She is known for creating shareable communication campaigns and nurturing media relationships that promote the client's efforts. 

Along with strategic thinking, Marta approaches projects with the eye of an artist, a creator, an advocate, and an adventurer. That added ingredient of genuine creatively sets her work apart.

Clients &


Our clients range from internationally recognizable marquee companies to non-profit organizations, to government entities, to start-ups.

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